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Wilma Wall

Drummer & Composer



Live with ESTHER at Nyhetsmorgon 4/10 -2020
Live with Klara Keller at Nyhetsmorgon 13/6 -2020
Live with Donika Nimani at Nyhetsmorgon 15/7 -2020


Two Plus Two Is Three 

Joel Henryson & Wilma Wall

with Margeaux Oswald

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Junior Brielle summer tour 2019
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Wilma Playing


Wall / Henryson Project

The Wall / Henryson Project is the musical and over all creative collaboration between Wilma and bassist Joel Henryson, also from Stockholm. Based in two different cities (Wilma in Rotterdam and Joel in Copenhagen) they write music and send things back and forth, adding to each others ideas. The music they create is inspired by everything they hear and is a mix between modern Scandinavian jazz and neo-soul. 

Joel and Wilma will release their debut EP "Two Plus Two Is Three" later this spring.

Drummer for Esther

Beginning from spring of 2020, Wilma is the drummer behind Swedish artist Esther. Visit Esthers social media for more information.


Drummer for Klara Keller

Wilma is the drummer behind the Swedish Artist Klara Keller

Visit her social media for more information.

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Drummer for Donika Nimani

Beginning from fall of 2019, Wilma is the drummer behind the Swedish artist Donika Nimani

Visit her social media for more information:


About Wilma

Born in 1997 and raised in a musical family in Stockholm, Sweden Wilma Wall discovered music at an early age. She started taking private drum lessons at the age of 9 and started her 6 years at famous music elementary school Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser with classical choir-profile the year after.

Wilma continued her music education at Södra Latins Gymnasium a very prestigious high school with arguably Swedens best jazz education at high school level. During her three years there she developed her technical and theoretical skills and played various genres and styles.

The summers of 2014 and 2015 Wilma was a ”summer musician” at Stockholm Royal Concert Hall giving approximately 75 short concerts in the foyer with her jazz group, gaining a lot of new experience with improvising and a wider jazz repertoar.

After graduating from high school Wilma studied philosophy at Stockholm University while preparing for further musical studies.

During the same time period Wilma was part of Swedish indie-pop group ”En Drös Poeter”. With that band she toured Sweden performing at large music festivals such as ”Where’s the music”, ”Umeå Open”, ”P3 älskar” and known concert venues as well as in national radio. They also recorded and released 5 singles and an EP.

Wilma is currently finishing her first year of her jazz studies at the Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, studying with Joost Patocka and Hans van Oosterhout.  She is debuting as a composer with the EP ”Two Plus Two Is Three” written together with bassist Joel Henryson in spring 2019.

Wilmas large musical experience has given her the opportunity to be trusted in others projects with the ability to give her own creative touch and solid grooves, as well as being a reliable co-musician. 

Contact Me

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Drummer for Junior Brielle

Beginning from May of 2019, Wilma is the drummer behind the Swedish electronic/pop-duo Junior Brielle. 

Visit their website for more information:

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